The classic and wooden boat festival, Maritime Museum Saturday 16th April 2016. accompyning Phil Marino in his first gig in a long time.


acoustic guitar and pedals.

 Christmas of 1986, aged 11 years old, I received my first guitar as a gift from my mother.

Guitar had been my second choice, following a drum kit on my wish list at the time. Maybe, fortunately now, the drum kit was always going to be too loud for my mother. So the electric guitar found its way into my life and here the journey began and gradually it became an integral part of me and who I now am.

Although initially slow to get started with the process of learning to play, I soon found my interest grew with each new thing i learnt and the giutar and playing the guitar quickly became a life long obession.

Within 4 years of getting that first guitar I occasionally played evening gigs at cafes in newcastle. By the time I was 17, and after many hours locked away with my guitar I auditioned for a rock covers band, who's members were all at least 15 years older than myself. This band gave me my first experience into playing in the pub scene. The first pub venue was the 'Star Hotel' in Newcastle.

A couple of years later after finishing school I formed my first 'original music' band with the drummer, a friend from school and the bassplayer, flatmate and friend. A 'Power trio', we had no vocalist and although we were playing our own songs, they were very lose and basic in there structuring which left us with the ability to improvise with every song which kept the songs fresh no matter how many times they were played, consequently we were given regular gigs, almost weekly at pubs in Newcastle.

Following this I moved to Melbourne, where I again began forming a band with a view to playing in the Melbourne scene. Cutting this short, I moved back to Newcastle where I  regrouped with my friends/musicians and began playing regular gigs again. After roughly 2 years I moved back to Sydney, where for the first time in my music life my guitar was no longer the centre of my focus, until now and so again, the journey continues........

Now that you have a brief and abbreviated history of my association with the guitar, go ahead and enjoy all you see and hear on my page....                                                                                                                                                        Pacifier!!